Selected Media and Publications:

“How to Protect America’s Heartland from Global Corruption” (Barrons)

“‘Ally-Shoring’ Will Help US Rebuild Economy and Global Leadership” (The Hill)

“Secure U.S. Supply Chains With Allies, and Move Out of China” (Barrons)

“US & Mexico Can Show the Way in Covid-19 & Economic Recovery by ‘Ally-shoring'” (Mexico Today)

“‘Debt Trap’ Diplomacy Is a Card China Seldom Plays in Belt and Road Initiative” (The Japan Times)

“Re-Forge Strategic Alliances and Check China Abroad, Rebuild Economy at Home” (Newsweek)

“Contagion of Chinese Corruption Will Threaten Post-Pandemic Recovery in Developing World” (Newsweek)

“Below the Belt and Road” (Foundation for Defense of Democracies)

“China’s Global Ambitions: Below the Belt and Road” (Foundation for Defense of Democracies)

“Coronavirus and Corruption: How Kleptocracy Threatens the Global Response” (Hudson Institute)

“Combatting Corruption in China’s Global Infrastructure Projects” (New Africa Daily)

“Why Did the Americans Go After FIFA” (BBC Radio)

“Developing International Standards in Public/Private Partnerships” (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe)

“Jackson Institute Names Six New Senior Fellows” (Yale News)

“Can We Design Corruption out of the System?” (Thomson Reuters Foundation News)

“A Better Way to Sell Citizenship” (National Interest)

“Shared Roles and Responsibilities: Developing Innovative Partnerships for Comprehensive Action Against Corruption” (United Nations)

“Anti-Corruption Issue Briefing” (World Economic Forum, Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland)

“New Models for Addressing Supply Chain and Transport Risk” (World Economic Forum Report)

“Risky Business” (Wheaton College News )

“The Business Case for Fighting Corruption” (Transparency International)