Ally Shoring — The Case for Mexico

Enrique Perret of the US-Mexico Foundation speaks with Elaine Dezenski, Managing Partner of LumiRisk, and John Austin, Director of the Michigan Economic Center, about ally-shoring as a means to re-set the US-Mexico relationship and support sustained economic recovery, security, and joint prosperity

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Addressing Bribery Risks through ISO 37001

Elaine Dezenski speaks with Worth MacMurray to discuss the applicability of the ISO 37001 anti-bribery management systems for organizations large and small, including academic institutions.  Mr. MacMurray is the founder of Governance & Compliance Initiative, LLC, a leading anti-bribery consultancy, and he served on the technical advisory group that developed the ISO 37001 standards.

Anti-Corruption and the Paradise Papers

Juan Zarate, Global Co-Managing Partner and Chief Strategy Officer of K2 Integrity, and Elaine Dezenski discuss anti-corruption, transparency, and the impact of the Paradise Papers leak in this February, 2018 Financial Integrity Network Podcast.